Alianza Recycling and Recovery, LLC offers pickup and dropoff services for your e-waste.

The majority of end-of-life electronics are not suitable for reuse, either they are broken and not economically repairable, or they are obsolete technology and no longer provide the functionality required. The US generates over 400 million units of this e-waste each year with the majority being landfilled or exported to developing countries.

How Do We Recycle?

Firstly we remove all potentially hazardous materials in the e-waste stream. Old electronics contain a mixture of hazardous substances that need to be carefully removed before the recycling of the materials can begin. It is these problematic components that cause much of the problem when ewaste is exported to developing countries. These pollutants include items such as mercury in the bulbs of scanners and laptops through to the various chemistries of batteries, even down to the button-cell batteries that keep the date and time on many consumer electronic products.

Alianza separates the e-waste into several different recycled commodities, the e-waste heads towards automated recycling plants that segregate the steel, aluminum, copper, circuit boards, plastics, glass etc. These materials are then shipped to smelters in place of primary raw materials.

All shipments are tracked through our “E-Waste Tracker” commodity management system.