Why Choose Alianza?

We provide an efficient, safe, responsible and environmentally-sound solution to your e-waste disposal requirements.

Benefits of choosing Alianza Recycling and Recovery:

Ease of use and efficiency:
Call or email us and we’ll respond promptly. You can drop off e-waste materials, we can pick-up materials or provide collection bins at your site and retrieve them when full.

We have the expertise to handle your requirements:
All aspects of our business model are focused on our customers’ specific requirements in an environmentally responsive manner, from collection of e-waste materials thru recycling including documentation of destruction.

Responsible e-waste recycling methods:
Our process generates no toxic waste, no fumes, particulate matter, or other pollutants. In excess of 95% of the e-waste materials we process are reduced to their base constituent elements to later be re-used in everyday products, often similar to the product that was recycled!

Destruction of Sensitive Customer Information:
Whenever a computer or hard drive leaves your company, it’s important to remove, erase, and destroy the hard drive. The drive if retained might be recycled into another computer, donated to charity or simply sold off—but whatever its fate, it’s good business practice to wipe it clean before putting it into someone else’s hands.

If requested Alianza will:

  • Destroy Hard Drives
  • Dispose of the equipment in accordance with all Federal and State Environmental laws.
  • Remove any personal information attached to the computer.
  • Will guarantee a letter of complete destruction that all data is destroyed and of course, peace of mind!